We look forward to welcoming you to DOWN TO EARTH, the ninth edition of the International Architecture Biennale Rotterdam.

This is a biennale in times of pandemic. The safety of visitors and staff is our top priority.
The following guidelines and conditions have been issued to safeguard this.
Please read them carefully and observe them when visiting the Biennale to ensure a safe and stress-free visit for both yourself and our staff.

To facilitate 1.5-m social distancing, all IABR exhibitions and events are open to a maximum number of visitors. The number is set per exhibition or event.

The IABR staff will make sure that 1.5-m social distancing is observed. If necessary, they will call visitors to account.

There is a hand-sanitizer station at the entrance of the Keilepand. Visitors must disinfect or wash their hands upon entry.

Admission is free and registration is not necessary as long as the current corona measures are in force. If you want to attend our program, it is still necessary to make a reservation through our ticketshop.

Visitors that have complaints such as sneezing, coughing, a cold or fever are kindly requested to stay at home.

There are one-way routes signposted through the Keilepand and Keilezaal. Follow them to ensure that different visitor flows remain separate.

Our restrooms are safe to use. Like the Keilepand as a whole, these are cleaned regularly. Disinfectants are available.

All conditions and guidelines to be found in the PDF below. Please make sure to read the document carefully.