On six Tuesday evenings, RUIMTEVOLK and the IABR will highlight the issues raised by the quest for the Next Economy. How do designers, administrators, and professionals, active on the local, regional, national or international scale, tackle the issues the IABR–2016 raised: the energy transition, the healthy city, and the productive city? How can designers contribute to the reduction of the spatial separation between the disadvantaged and the winners, to a more inclusive city? How can design contribute to an urban economy that adds local value and is circular? In short, which are the concrete Next Steps for design, planning, and governance?

#1: 26 April
Next Economy! Next Plan?
with Henk Ovink, Jeroen de Willigen, Ivonne de Nood, Steven Delva and Martijn Duinveld.
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#2: 10 May
The City as Workshop
with Joachim Declerck, Joris Tiebout, Imke Carsouw-Huizing, Yassine Salihine and Vincent Cardinaal.
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#3: 24 May
The Energy Transition: A Call for New Design Practices
with Dirk Sijmons, Roeland van der Schaaf, Pallas Agterberg, Isabelle Vries and Rick Bosman.
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#4: 31 May
Healthy Neigborhoods: Designing for Higher Life Expectancy
with Hetty Linden, Els Vervloesem, Martin Dijst, Ad de Bont and Ton van Rietbergen.
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7 June
this event has been moved to June 14

#5: 14 June
The Inclusive City
with Lucas de Man, Marieke Berkers and Josse de Voogd.
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#6: 3 July
Now, What's Next?
with Kim Putters, Hans Tijl, Elma van Boxel, Joachim Declerck en Indira van ’t Klooster.
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