Planet Texel

photo by: I see for you © Hans Peter Föllmi

On Thursday, April 3rd, in the run-up to IABR–2014–URBAN BY NATURE–, the design offices LA4SALE en FARO will present a preview of the conclusions, results and project proposals of the IABR–Project Atelier PLANET TEXEL.

Commissioned by the IABR and the Municipality of Texel, the Atelier has explored how the island’s environmental sustainability agenda and its economic agenda, often perceived and experienced as conflicting, can be made to strengthen each other.
With design research as a tool, and with input gained from public presentations, workshops and many conversations with Texel’s inhabitants, entrepreneurs, administrators and tourists, the Atelier has produced proposals and projects for the future of Texel: Planet Texel.

After the presentation, a Q&A is scheduled to forward the dialogue between residents, stakeholders, designers and the municipality on Texel’s future. Which are the design proposals the Municipality should implement and what does it take to make that happen?
Tested on Texel, the follow up to this Urban Meeting, is planned for June 13, at IABR–2014–, in the Kunsthal Rotterdam.

IABR–Urban Meeting Planet Texel
Thursday, April 3
doors open: 7.15 pm, program starts at 7.30 pm
location: Cinema Texel, Gravenstraat 33, 1791 CJ Den Burg

speakers: Eric Hercules (current alderman of economy, sustainability and tourism, Municipality of Texel), Dirk Sijmons (Curator IABR–2014–URBAN BY NATURE–), LA4SALE and FARO Architecten

The results of Planet Texel are presented in the main exhibition of IABR-2014-URBAN BY NATURE, from May 29, 2014 in the Kunsthal in Rotterdam and subsequently deployed by the Municipality of Texel.

On Friday June 13, the meeting Tested on Texel will take place in the Kunsthal in Rotterdam.
Tested on Texel presents innovative projects, including the results of Planet Texel, demonstrating how developments and changes in climate, energy, agriculture and tourism can be used as development opportunities for the island.

IABR Project Atelier Planet Texel is a collaboration of the IABR and the Municipality of Texel. The design research is conducted by LA4sale and FARO Architecten.