Open City Baltimore

Kees Christiaanse

George Brugmans

24 September 2009, by Jacqueline Cramer, minister of Housing, Spatial Planning and the Environment, and Ahmed Aboutaleb, mayor of Rotterdam

Open City: Designing Coexistence
curator: Kees Christiaanse
location: NAI, Rotterdam

Parallel Cases
curator: Ralph Pasel
location: RDM Campus, Rotterdam Heijplaat
exhibition traveled to Paris

Amsterdam Vrijstaat
curator: Zef Hemel
location: Tolhuistuinen, Amsterdam

The Making of Vrijstaat Amsterdam
curator: Zef Hemel
location: Zuiderkerk, Amsterdam

T-Visionarium Open City
curator: Jeffrey Shaw, Bregtje van der Haak
location: Zuiderkerk, Amsterdam

A Cidade Informal no Século 21
curator: Marisa Barda
location: Museu da Casa Brasileira, São Paulo
exhibition traveled to Recife, Rio de Janeiro, Berlin, London and Milano

A Cidade Informal no Século 21: Paraisópolis
curator: Marisa Barda
location: CEU Paraisópolis, São Paulo

Open City Jakarta: Reciprocity as an Urban Strategy
curators: Stephen Cairns, Daliana Suryawinata
location: Erasmus House, Jakarta
exhibition traveled to Denpasar (Bali) and Batam

curators: Can Altay, Philipp Misselwitz
location: DEPO, Istanbul
exhibition traveled to Amman, Beirut and Cairo

Refuge: Five Cities Portfolio
photo exhibition of work by Bas Princen
location: DEPO, Istanbul
exhibition traveled to The Hague, New York, Amman, Beirut, Cairo and Paris

Open City Baltimore
curator: Daniel D'Oca (Interboro)
location: North Avenue Market, Baltimore

September 2009 – June 2011
61.000 vistors in Holland

Opening Open City Baltimore

172 conferences, lectures, presentations, screenings, workshops, a.o.

VPRO: Urban Century
two weeks of television, radio and internet programming, 2,6 million people watched or tuned in
projectmanagement: Bregtje van der Haak

Urban Century

Publications and documentaries
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The Fifth Layer of Jakarta
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Open City Jakarta
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Amsterdam Makeover 2040
director: William de Bruijn
VPRO Tegenlicht in coproduction with IABR

Grand Paris: The President and the Architect
director: Bregtje van der Haak
VPRO Tegenlicht in coproduction with IABR

New to the City
editor: Eva de Breed
VPRO Metropolis in coproduction with IABR

Stayin’ Alive In Jo’burg
director: Rob Schröder
VPRO Holland Doc in coproduction with IABR

I am Gurgaon: The New City in India
director: Marije Meerman
VPRO Tegenlicht in coproduction with IABR