Afri-Tour (Afrikaanderwijk)
Dit is Zuid organizes three guided tours for those who are curious about the Afrikaanderswijk and its diversity of residents, entrepreneurs, local producers and social organizations. The Afrikaander market will be visited, the fourth biggest market in the Netherlands, with weekly activities organized by the Afrikaanderwijk Cooperation (this umbrella organization also features in the IABR–2016 exhibition and in the Next op Zuid program). The market takes place in the middle of the neighborhood, draws people from adjacent city areas and is characterized by a very lively atmosphere. This is what a successful public space can offer a city and its economy: a space that everyone can freely use and where difference and diversity have positive connotations.
If you don’t know the Afrikaanderwijk, you don’t know Rotterdam. This tour should definitely not be missing on the to do list of those who wish to explore Rotterdam beyond its city center and iconic Erasmus bridge.

DATA: 23 April, 21 May and 4 June
The tour takes 90 minutes and starts at 11 am
Costs: 7,50 euros
Meeting point is the infodesk of DITISZUID at RAAF
Address: Maashaven Zuidzijde 2, Rotterdam
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More info on the website of DITISZUID