The Nordic City: The energy transition
 and the economic opportunities it offers Groningen


Commissioned by iabr/UP for IABR-2016–THE NEXT ECONOMY.
Production: Strawberry Fields
Producers: Marieke Francke and George Brugmans

The Nordic City: The energy transition 
and the economic opportunities it offers

How can the transition from fossil to renewable energy be a string driving force for the economic and spatial development of the city and region of Groningen? And how to nourish these development perspectives into implementation?
The IABR–Atelier Groningen explored the opportunities for economic and spatial development that present themselves when city and region act on the energy transition in Groningen, in the North of the Netherlands.

Four spatial design proposals are developed: Energy Port, Biobased Economy for the North, Groningen Smart Energy City and Sustainable and Safe Villages.
Perspectives are based on a research by design driven exploration of the economic opportunities the transition to renewable energy offers by 2035, perspectives that indicate a future for Groningen as a coherent urban region ready for the Next Economy: the Nordic City.
The economic effect of the energy transition becomes substantial when the connections are taken into account that the energy sector can make with other strong urban and regional economic sectors: agriculture, chemistry, knowledge institutes, ICT, and construction.

The film The Nordic City demonstrates that the prospects the energy transition offers Groningen are excellent when the region, the provincial capital and the villages together take the lead and when all public and private parties and stakeholders involved are serious about energy transition.

Project Atelier Groningen is a collaboration of the IABR and an alliance of the Province of Groningen, the Municipality of Groningen, Eemsdelta Region and the Groningen-Assen Region. The Lead Designer is Jandirk Hoekstra (H+N+S Landscape Architects).

The research and design has been executed by the following offices: E&E Advies, Quintel Intelligence, van Paridon x de Groot (in collaboration with LINT), Maat Ontwerpers, the Atelier of the Chief Architect of the Municipality of Groningen (with MD Landscape Architects, Specht Architects and Studio MARCHA!) and H+N+S Landscape Architects.