IABR–Atelier Rotterdam

picture: Aad Hoogendoorn

The first part of the biennale diptych IABR–2018+2020–THE MISSING LINK is a work biennale focused on research and exchange, on development, presentation and debate, aimed at setting out research lines. That is why the entire ground floor of the HAKA Building accommodates work spaces, with the exhibition on the floor above. This is where the theme of The Missing Link will be addressed. Central questions are: How can designers respond effectively to human-made climate change? What is keeping us from taking action, what is the missing link? Can we raise sufficient social support to ensure that change will actually and swiftly start to happen by designing the necessary transition appealingly and convincingly? How can we design the future in terms of social benefits, rather than imminent loss? And what distinctive role can designers play?

The Missing Link is an exhibition looking for the essential connections that will allow us to design the necessary transformation irresistibly and convincingly and to present prospects of changes that can actually and promptly be realized. A quest for acceleration that also motivates the program, work sessions, lectures and debates.
‘Work in progress,’ therefore: demonstrating what we do today and will be doing in the coming years, showing the starting points and research questions of our quest for ways to address the missing link. The results will be on show during the next edition, in 2020.

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