Kick Off Planet Texel

Kaap Skil, Oudeschild, 17 June 2013

On 2 October the community of Texel gathered for a second public meeting to discuss plans and proposals for the island's sustainable future.
Commissioned by the IABR and the Municipality of Texel, design agencies LA4SALE and FARO Architects are working on the task of how the different ambitions of Texel –principally the further growth of the mainly tourist-oriented economy, the aim to realize energy neutrality and a higher level of self-sufficiency, and the sustainment of the unique natural environment and high quality of living of the inhabitants– can be optimally integrated in a wide-ranging spatial plan. At the Urban Meeting, the agencies presented the first step towards a vision and specific design proposals for Texel.

Christophe Girot (professor of landscape architecture at the Technical University of Zurich) kicked off the meeting with a thought-provoking lecture on what really is “natural" to our landscape, followed by a lively debate of experts and stakeholders who engaged in dialogue with each other and with the local community.

The Urban Meeting is a step towards IABR–2014–URBAN BY NATURE and is the moment at which the interim results of the Project Atelier Planet Texel are presented to the various local stakeholders to get feed back that can be looped back into the ongoing design process.

Urban Meeting Planet Texel
speakers: Christophe Girot (Professor ETH Zurich), Eric Hercules (Alderman Economy, Sustainability and Tourism, Municipality of Texel), Dirk Sijmons (Curator IABR–2014–URBAN BY NATURE–) , LA4SALE and FARO Architects.
Moderator: Wouter de Waal (director VVV Texel)