The location of the IABR–2016–THE NEXT ECONOMY, Fenixloods II, is more than an attractive home base for the IABR–2016. Many challenges that Rotterdam will have to face in the coming decades during the transition to the Next Economy can also be found in and around Katendrecht, where the Fenixloods is located: south of the river – “op Zuid”.

south of the river
The urban development of Rotterdam hops, skips and jumps towards South Rotterdam. Along with Afrikaanderwijk and Charlois, Katendrecht is at the heart of the transformation challenge. Local residents and small entrepreneurs in the area are wary of gentrification, of new developments at the expense of the current (affordable) living, working, and shopping space that will sooner or later push current residents from the area.
Reason enough to look at the area through the lens of IABR–2016: How can we use spatial design here on our way to the Next Economy we want? Is there an alternative to gentrification? Is it possible to address the transition of this part of Rotterdam in a smarter and more inclusive way? Are development models imaginable and applicable that include locally added value and existing qualities as starting points?

local alliance
These questions are the starting point for the program Next op Zuid, including lunchtime lectures, interventions, presentations, guided tours, workshops, and more. Here, the expertise of local partners and stakeholders is connected to the international knowledge network of the IABR.
The IABR develops Next op Zuid in collaboration with a wide-ranging local alliance including the Afrikaanderwijk Cooperative, Verhalenhuis, Heijmans, AIR, De Rotterdam Tours and RAAF.

The program will become available on this website starting mid April.