Delta Ecosystem

source: De Lage Landen 2020 - 2100 (Brussels, 2018)

The Netherlands and Flanders are both part of the same unique spatial system in the Rhine-Meuse-Scheldt delta, a densely urbanized area that plays an important part in the global economy. Here, the transformations and transitions we face today and in coming decades will manifest in their own, specific way, and therefore also require specific spatial strategies.This is why the IABR and Architecture Workroom Brussels, together with the Government Architects of the Netherlands and Flanders, have established the Delta Atelier.

The Delta Atelier aims to develop concrete prospects for action that will both reposition our delta as it faces the climate goals in the Netherlands and Belgium and create a laboratory for other deltas across the world.Knowledge sharing provides governments and local partners with internationally developed insights into the spatial challenges both countries share. While coupling local and regional challenges with replicable instruments that can subsequently be scaled and tested on a national and international level will create new opportunities.

The Delta Atelier is an initiative of IABR and AWB in collaboration with the Dutch Governent Architect and the Flemish Government Architect.

An introduction of the Delta Atelier can be downloaded at the bottom of this page. The list of participants is, for now, only available in Dutch.