Every Friday afternoon, a Next Talk will take place in the auditorium of THE NEXT ECONOMY exhibition. Inspirational ideas for the future of the city are given a platform. International speakers that stimulate and intensify the debate about the Next Economy include Francine Houben (architect, Mecanoo, Delft; curator 1st IABR, Mobility), Anab Jain (director Superflux), Keller Easterling (architect, Yale School of Architecture, Connecticut), Mark Swilling (University of Stellenbosch and Sustainability Institute Cape Town), Jack Self (REAL Foundation, London; curator 2016 British Pavilion, Venice Biennale), Edgar Pieterse (director African Centre for Cities, University of Cape Town) and Oliver Wainwright (The Guardian, London).

For the complete agenda, and more information on the program and on how to reserve your ticket, go here