In the context of IABR–2014–URBAN BY NATURE– several books have been published.

The series of infographics of nine material flows (water, energy, biota, air, food, waste, people, cargo and sediments) that CatalogTree designed for the exhibition URBAN BY NATURE–, are based on extensive research and data collection by PBL Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency.
PBL's Maarten Hajer and Ton Dassen subsequently wrote Smart about Cities, Visualizing the Challenge for 21st Century Urbanism, a strong argument for a ‘smart urbanism’ instead of an uncritical adoption of ‘smart cities’.
This book can be ordered on line at NAI Booksellers: click here

The book Landscape and Energy, Designing Transition, by IABR–2014–Curator Dirk Sijmons and others, is about designing for the post fossil-fuel landscape - from the solar panel on the roof to the scale of global politics.
Landscape and Energy was the starting point for the project KwH/M2 by H+N+S Landscape Architects, on show at URBAN BY NATURE–.
This book too can be ordered on line at NAI Booksellers: click here

The Municipality of Rotterdam, IABR, .FABRIC, JCFO and TNO published Urban Metabolism, Sustainable Development of Rotterdam. This book maps the results of the IABR–PROJECT ATELIER ROTTERDAM and explores how these these might become cornerstones for sustainable development policies for the city of Rotterdam. The PDF can be downloaded at the bottom of this page.

Jelle Reumer, the curator of the IABR–2014– PURE RESILIENCE, wrote Wildlife in Rotterdam, Nature in the City, a small history of urban ecology and an ode to the resilience of nature.
This book too is available from NAi Booksellers: click here

Reweaving the Urban Carpet

In November we published Reweaving the Urban Carpet, documenting the challenges, work process and results of the IABR–Project Atelier BrabantStad; a research by design trajectory exploring new spatial development models for the province of North-Brabant, and for which the Province and IABR teamed up with the cities of Eindhoven, Helmond, Tilburg, Breda and 's-Hertogenbosch, and with the Brabant Waterboards. The design offices were Floris Alkemade Architect, LOLA Landscape Architects and Architecture Workroom Brussels. This publication is available from the IABR for € 7,50 (within the Netherlands) or € 12,50 (outside the Netherlands). For more information, click here