2050–An Energetic Odyssey, the trailer

The installation 2050 – An Energetic Odyssey was one of the highlights of IABR–2016.

Now that the Biennale in Rotterdam is over, many parties have expressed interest in presenting the installation elsewhere and to initiate further debate: Lessons learned, and now what are the next steps?

That is why 2050 has been reformatted for presentations elsewhere - see the PDF at the bottom of this page.
Interested parties in the Netherlands may contact H+N+S Landscape Architects at info@hnsland.nl. For exhibitions and presentations outside the Netherlands, please contact the IABR at 2050@iabr.nl

picture: Hans Tak

Produced by IABR in collaboration with the Ministry of Economic Affairs, Van Oord, Shell, TenneT, Zeeland Seaports, European Climate Foundation, Natuur & Milieu, RWE, Port of Rotterdam Authority and Port of Amsterdam.
Concept: Maarten Hajer and Dirk Sijmons (lead designer)
Research by design and animation by H+N+S Landscape Architects, Ecofys and Tungsten Pro
Executive producer: George Brugmans (IABR)