In the context of IABR–2016–THE NEXT ECONOMY and its Next op Zuid program, Dit is Zuid and Charlois aan het Water join forces and offer a guided tour through the Maassilo and its ‘Elevator’ towers.
The tour starts with a presentation of the of the 100 year old grain silo, true industrial heritage. How did the Maassilo and Elevators function? What role did they play in the history of the port of Rotterdam, and its economy?

This unique event takes place every Saturday in the period of 23 April up to and including 4 June 2016.
Tours take 90 minutes and start at 1 pm.
Costs: 10 euros
Meeting point is the infodesk of DITISZUID at RAAF
Address: Maashaven Zuidzijde 2, Rotterdam
For tickets, please click here

More info on the website of DITISZUID

In 2014, RAAF moved to the Maassilo which is located at Maashaven in Rotterdam. Besides offering breakfast and lunch, RAAF runs the area information point ‘Dit Is Zuid’ and concerns itself with the cultural development of the Maassilo, also offering tours of the building, and its surrounding area.