For several years the municipality of Beykoz in Istanbul, distressed by the regular flooding of the Riva Caddesi, has been trying to resolve its increasingly calamitous water issues.
Looking for alternative approaches and inspired by the results of the IABR Atelier Istanbul in Arnavutköy, located on the opposite side of the Bosphorus, Beykoz contacted the IABR.
After extensive explorations and field trips in both Turkey and Holland the Turks found themselves impressed by the Dutch approach, especially the Room for the River Program. The final decision to collaborate was made in June when the Beykoz Riva Tourism Development and Investors Association, an association of local entrepreneurs in which the municipality is also represented, signed an agreement with the IABR.
The coordination of research and design was delegated to H+N+S Landscape architects, the Dutch office also engaged in the IABR Project Atelier in Arnavutköy. The other active partners are the Municipality of Beykoz, the Belgian urbanists 51N4E and DSI, the Turkish State Water Works Authority.

Landscape Park Beykoz
On 3 and 4 July 2013 the first workshop lead by H+N+S took place in Beykoz and an initial but substantial step was taken towards the integrated area development of Landscape Park Beykoz. The partners laid the foundation for a unique project that, after the project in Arnavutköy, will yet again introduces integral area development in Turkey, an approach that goes beyond the technical and which strives to develop solutions for the water issues in conjunction with new plans for the revitalization of the rural areas and the further ecological and leisure development of the Riva basin.

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