The curators of the first part of the diptych IABR–2018+2020 called on innovative practices from around the globe to participate in The Missing Link: a three-year (from early 2018 to summer 2020) program of knowledge sharing, peer supervision, and joint research by design including presentations and debates at the biennales of 2018 and 2020.

The Call for Practices closed on November 22, the list of selected practices will be announced in the second half of December.

The Missing Link is an experimental program that aims to see practices from various domains and continents and with different backgrounds share insights, breakthroughs, and innovative methods and to subsequently jointly explore and, where possible, test how innovative, purposeful design practices can help make the transition leap to a more resilient future, to an alternative living environment that is balanced with the capacity of the planet.

Those who want to answer our call and actually join us in materializing The Missing Link are invited to closely read the documents including all selection criteria and guidelines and subsequently complete the application form and send this and all requested documents to call@iabr.nl. Make sure to submit not later than November 22, 2017.

For the Call for Practices click here
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For the Curator Statement and Research Agenda click here

Curator Joachim Declerck calls on innovatie practices to respond to IABR–2018+2020–Call for Practices

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