A multidisciplinary team of research and design offices, working in the IABR–Atelier Groningen and under the guidance of Lead Designer Jandirk Hoekstra (H+N+S Landscape Architects), has collaboratively developed the new narrative of the Nordic City. It is a narrative that wants to rekindle local confidence, a prerequisite to drawing investments to the region, to realize the energy transition, to repair the earthquake damage and turn lost ground into a head start.

The results are summarized in the brochure 'The Nordic City' which can be downloaded here, and in the video, that you can watch here.

The complete reports of all (design) research by respectively Quintel Intelligence, E&E Advies, Atelier Chief Architect Groningen (with Specht Architects, Studio MARCHA and MD Landscape Architects), Maat ontwerpers and Van Paridon x De Groot (with DAAD Architect and LINT) can be downloaded below.

Note that these reports are available in Dutch only.