During IABR–2016, the IABR and its partners will organize a string of conferences in the auditorium. These will take place before the exhibition opens at 1 pm. However, several of these conferences are open to the public.

The outcomes of the IABR–Ateliers are not only anchor points of the exhibition, but they will also be presented and discussed. Possible concrete follow up in Groningen, Utrecht, Rotterdam, Brussels and on the North Sea are being explored together with governments, businesses and stakeholders.

Groningen, the Nordic City: Friday 13 May
Utrecht, Transitions in the Healthy City: Wednesday 18 May
Brussels, Productive Metropolis BXL: Thursday 2 June
Rotterdam, the Productive City: Tuesday 14 June

Activities related to the IABR–2016 will also be organized elsewhere in Rotterdam and beyond, in cities with operational IABR–Ateliers such as Groningen, Utrecht and Brussels.

For all current program information, please check the agenda