Luchtsingel, 2014

picture: Reineke Otten

On Sunday 28 September 2014, IABR opened an exhibition of photos by Reine Otten visualizing the transformation of the Schieblock and Rotterdam Central District over the past two years.

The inspiring and innovative plans and ideas with which ZUS managed to save the Schieblock area from of the doomsday scenario that was written by the financial crisis, has been the reason for the IABR to move its office to the Schieblock in 2010 and to declare the area one of three Test Sites in the context of the 5th IABR: Making City (2012).
Like at the IABR Test Sites in Istanbul and São Paulo, research by design was used as the tool to test new perspectives on urban development. In this case, by shifting from traditional, top-down real estate development, to working bottom-up, with small initiatives as starting points, and making connections in infrastructure and between people.

Reineke Otten
A successful strategy: between 2012 and 2014, ZUS and many others who have contributed to making the Schieblock a lively area again, have achieved miracles. Cause for IABR to commission 'visual sociologist' Reineke Otten to capture this transformation, with a second series of photographs that associates with the series the IABR commissioned in 2012. The juxtaposition of the earlier and the new work visualizes the results of what has been a joined effort to make city.

IABR Test Site Rotterdam 2012

foto: Reineke Otten

The photo exhibition is in the ‘passage’ of the Luchtsingel: the place where the Luchtsingel cuts through the Schieblock. This is public space and open during the day. Entrance is free.