IABR–2014–project #14: Nature Conservation in an Urban World (WWF Netherlands)

© Laurent Geslin

A PLANET CULTIVATED highlights the relationship between city and nature. Starting with gardens and parks all the way to nature conservation and 'building with nature'.

The World Wild Fund for Nature The Netherlands welcomes this opportunity to demonstrate its new approach to nature conservation in an urbanized world. And front stage is given to the results of the IABR–Project Atelier Planet Texel.

IABR–2014–project #03: Pensthorpe Garden (Piet Oudolf) - Fakenham, UK

© Imogen Checketts

Dirk Sijmons:
"A PLANET CULTIVATED illustrates the interaction between humans and nature. Gardens and parks link the shamans, the oldest mediators, with today’s nature conservation and active forms of nature development such as 'building with nature'. Rather than being non-committal, the relationship between man and nature must be continuously maintained and can be activated in several ways: practically and productively (nature feeds us), scientifically (nature informs us), and culturally (nature relaxes us). Architecture and landscape architecture can actually embody this relationship: make sense of it."

IABR–2014–project #17: Sand Engine (Province of South-Holland, Rijkswaterstaat) - The Hague, NL

© Joop van Houdt