The winning team of the closed competition for the scenography for the IABR 2022 is led by Richard Venlet, an artist based in Brussels, with a long track record of exhibition designs. For IABR 2022, he has teamed up with architects Alice Babini and Leander Venlet.

Together they propose to create an exhibition landscape structured by reusable industrial materials and monumental readymade objects. Architectural and non-architectural artefacts will structure the space in a diverse way, to allow for a non-linear journey through the exhibited content. Visitors might lose their orientation, only to later find it again. Their scenography is not only to be read as an exhibition design but is a strong, post-fossil response to the monumental space that the former gasometer Ferro offers.

The lighting design is in the hands of Lighting designer and Theater maker Tim van ’t Hof. In collaboration with Venlet and his team, an immersive atmosphere was designed where light and time guide the viewer through the exhibition.

Tim van ’t Hof works from London as an international lighting designer. He received his Bachelor of Theatre from the Amsterdam School of the Arts and subsequently specialized in lighting, earning a Master of Fine Arts from New York University. Currently, Tim is connected to several production houses and companies worldwide. Van ‘t Hof: ‘For the IABR exhibition, we looked for a representation of time in terms of light. In a running sequence, by switching 12 light points in the Ferro, we hope to show a movement and add a layer of urgency to the subject of sustainability.’