IABR–Utrecht: The Healthy City

De Smet Vermeulen Architects

Health and care play an inmportant part in urban development, also in the context of the urban economy and employment. The force field in which governments and other actors have to operate is in full transition. The national government is delegating care tasks to municipalities. The consolidating health economy is passing into the hands of a few large parties that add little local value. And more and more studies confirm the relationship between income and education on the one hand, and health and life expectancy on the other. That means that healthy policy is social policy. The focus shifts from cure to care and new coalitions of actors are formed. How can local and regional governments develop policy for a healthy and inclusive city?
These and other questions are central at the Master Class The Healthy City that the IABR and Architectuur Locaal organize for public administrators and that takes place on March 16 en 17 in Brussels.

is Joachim Declerck (Atelier Master of IABR–Atelier Utrecht: The Healthy City). This Master Class builds on the results of IABR–Atelier Utrecht: The Healthy City. The Master Class is open to Aldermen and Members of the Provincial Executives from all cities and regions in The Netherlands.

More information available soon.