IABR–Test Site M4H+

City, Port and IABR join forces in 'city harbor' Merwe-Vierhavens

M4H+ Rotterdam

A global player, the Port of Rotterdam has a special relationship with the City of Rotterdam. Though this relationship has become more fragile in recent decades, the arenas in which the City and the Port come together, the so-called ‘city harbors’, are now of growing importance. After all, this is where smart links between the inevitable transitions in energy and resource use (circular port, circular economy) and the broader socioeconomic development of both residents and businesses in the city can be established.
In Rotterdam, the Port Authority and the City are intertwined in a single (urban) system, like conjoined twins. In the city harbors they can explore, design, and test the transition to the future Rotterdam together. One of the city harbors in which port development and urban development come together is the Merwe-Vierhavens district (M4H) where, in 2018, IABR, Port and City have established the Test Site M4H+.
Where City Meets Harbor

Team1010 / IABR–Atelier Rotterdam

Test Site M4H+ is a collaboration of IABR, PBM4H, the City of Rotterdam and the Rotterdam Port Authority.