IABR–Atelier 2050 - An Energetic Odyssey: the video

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This is the on line version of the large-scale animation 2050 – An Energetic Odyssey, one of the highlights of IABR–2016–THE NEXT ECONOMY.

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2050–An Energetic Odyssey
2050 – An Energetic Odyssey is an installation comprising a 12-minute animation that provides answers to the seemingly simple question: ‘If we take the two-degree climate target seriously, what should we do?’
The Odyssey focuses on the North Sea. The highlight of the plan are 25,000 10MW wind turbines that will be able to meet about 90 percent of the energy demand of the North Sea countries by 2050.
The animation is a meticulous visualization of a possible future: step by step, it takes the audience to 2050, explains what has to be done and what the underlying considerations are, addresses energy saving and decentralized energy production and describes the impact on employment and on the ecology of the North Sea. The logistics of this mega operation are extensively discussed as well.

The collaborative production process, the presentations of interim results and the exhibition and debate during IABR–2016 have forged a consortium of actors in which offshore builders, a wind turbine manufacturer, ports and power companies, several Ministries, nature NGOs, marine ecologists, and designers have jointly reached the conclusion that yes, it can be done.
In the context of the Dutch EU Presidency, the Directors-General for Energy and subsequently the informal council of EU countries’ Energy Ministers have previewed the Odyssey. The Ministers not only watched the installation, but were also inspired: the press release following the regional partnership agreement of the North Sea countries that was established during the Dutch presidency states that ‘it helped that we could show our colleagues how the operation would work’.

2050–An Energetic Odyssey was produced by IABR in collaboration with the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs, Van Oord, Shell, TenneT, Zeeland Seaports, European Climate Foundation, Natuur & Milieu, RWE, Port of Rotterdam Authority and Port of Amsterdam.

Concept and narrative: Maarten Hajer and Dirk Sijmons (lead designer)
Research by design and animation by H+N+S Landscape Architects, Ecofys and Tungsten Pro
Executive Producer: George Brugmans