Planet Texel

picture: I see for you © Hans Peter Föllmi

First Master Class: Texel
The first Master Class, Productive Stewardship: Tourism as an Instrument for Sustainable Development, focused on how to productively integrate the often seemingly contradictory agendas of ecological and economic development. How can these ambitions be interwoven in such a way that they strengthen instead of obstruct each other?

picture: Stefan Kroft

This Master Class built directly on the results of the IABR–2014–Project Atelier Planet Texel. It took place on November 25-26 2015 on the island of Texel. Master was Dirk Sijmons (curator of IABR–2014–URBAN BY NATURE and Atelier Master of IABR–Project Atelier Planet Texel, Chair of Landscape Architecture at Delft University of Technology). Eric Hercules, the Alderman for Tourism, Environment and Spatial Planning who commissioned the IABR–2014–Atelier Planet Texel shared his experiences and conclusions.