Exhibition The Next Economy

picture: Nina Felius

The heart of IABR–2016–THE NEXT ECONOMY was the former coffee warehouse Fenixloods II, in the Rotterdam neighborhood of Katendrecht. Here, IABR–2016 presented more than 60 projects, partly developed in the IABR–Ateliers, partly collected through an international open call for projects, and partly produced especially for the biennale in collaboration with national and international partners. Together, they showed a range of possible futures: new housing and working locations, new clean energy systems, new models for area development, and new forms of collaboration, health care, and solidarity.

Exhibition The Next Economy

foto: Nina Felius

For a list of all projects in the exhibition, click here

Exhibition The Next Economy

picture: Dorine Baars

IABR–2016 was also an ongoing exchange of ideas with participants and visitors about the future of the city in the Next Economy. WHAT'S NEXT? was a program that took place in the middle of the exhibition, and partly during opening hours.
opening What's Next?

picture: Hans Tak

To check what's next, click here to go the agenda, and for more information on WHAT'S NEXT, go here