The Verhalenhuis

picture: Joop Reijngoud

At the request of IABR–2016 the Verhalenhuis Belvédère developed The Next Story. In ten afternoon sessions during the biennale, remarkable stories of inhabitants of Katendrecht will be shared with the audience. What is their Next Story? Based on their past and present situation, what future would they want, and how is their narrative related to Katendrecht?
Together, these personal anecdotes will show how active individuals can influence the development of their neighborhood, and even their city.
The Next Story starts on Saturday 14 May. The first guest is Antillean theater director Archell Thompson. The other nine storytellers will be announced on www.belvedererotterdam.nl and in the agenda on our website.

The Verhalenhuis Belvédère is a public meeting place in Rotterdam’s Katendrecht district, where a variety of stakeholders is working together on the city of tomorrow. With its program of activities and initiatives, the Verhalenhuis Belvédère reveals the wide array of people, communities, companies and organizations that play a role in making city. De Verhalenhuis wants to strengthen the ‘mental city’, the city as it is experienced by its inhabitants. It promotes encounters with ‘the other’ and with others, to increase the opportunity to act and to influence decisions people make in a positive way.