This summer, Dutch architect Bjarne Mastenbroek and SeARCH are building a temporary residence on the grounds between Het Nieuwe Instituut (The New Institute) and Sonneveld House. Responding to social issues such as globalization, violation of privacy, and imbalances in the distribution of wealth, Mastenbroek refers to his project as Yourtopia. These developments also force architecture to a fundamental ‘reset.’ The house will therefore go back to basics: What is the minimum necessary to enjoy a maximum quality of life?

Mastenbroek’s project is the first in a series of follies Het Nieuwe Instituut will commission in the coming years as part of its multiyear program on Landscape and Interior. Every other year, coinciding with the IABR, a Dutch architect, designer, or theorist will be given the opportunity to build a model residence. The designer will give his or her view on the vanishing distinction between private and public space, interior and landscape, inside and outside, city and nature, in accordance with the program of Het Nieuwe Instituut. The model residence will create an opportunity for a discussion on changing social relationships and the possible spatial expressions thereof.

29 May to 28 September 2014

The work of Bjarne Mastenbroek/SeARCH coupled with a number of other, relevant lectures, performances, workshops, and other public events are on show from late May to September.

Het Nieuwe Instituut: Architecture, Design, E-Culture
Museumpark 25, 3015 CB Rotterdam
for more information, please visit www.hetnieuweinstituut.nl