Curator Team
Asu Aksoy (Istanbul, TR), George Brugmans (Amsterdam, NL), Joachim Declerck (Brussels, BE), Fernando de Mello Franco (São Paulo, BR), Henk Ovink (The Hague, NL) and ZUS (Rotterdam, NL)

Curator Team 5th IABR

(from left to right: Brugmans, Aksoy, Declerck, Ovink, Koreman, De Mello Franco and Van Boxel)

George Brugmans

19 April 2012, by Melanie Schultz van Hagen, minister of Infrastructure and the Environment, and Ahmed Aboutaleb, mayor of Rotterdam

Making City
curator: Joachim Declerck
location: NAI, Rotterdam

Smart Cities - Parallel Cases 2
curators: Stefan Bendiks, Rogier van den Berg, Matthijs de Boer, Annet Ritsema
location: NAI, Rotterdam

Test Site Rotterdam
curator: ZUS (Elma van Boxel, Kristian Koreman)
location: Rotterdam Central District

Making Douala 2007 - 2013
curators: Marilyn Douala-Bell, Didier Schaub, Xandra Nibbeling, Kamiel Verschuren, Lucas Grandin
location: RiverClub Gallery, Rotterdam

Design as Politics
curator: Wouter van Stiphout
location: Mini Mall, Hofbogen, Rotterdam

Making Almere
curator: INTI
location: Belfort 13, Almere

Making City São Paulo, Da Cidade Informal aos Novos Bairros
curator: Elisabete França
location: Museu da Casa Brasileira, São Paulo

Making City Istanbul
curators: Asu Aksoy, George Brugmans, Joachim Declerck
location: Istanbul Modern, Istanbul, main exhibition 1st Istanbul Design Biennale

April 2012 – December 2012
133.600 visitors

Urban Summit
51 lectures, debates, screenings, workshops and other events

VPRO: The City Forever
a full week of television and radio programming watched and tuned into by 2,8 million people
projectmanagement: Wim Schepens

publications and documentaries
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Emanuel Christ, Christoph Gantenbein (red)
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Posconflicto Laboratory: Making City + Productive Housing Programm in Guatemala & Central America
Urbanistica–Taller del Espacio Publico, Municipality of Guatemala & Asociacion Centroamericana Taller de Arquitectura

Making Cities
director: Alexander Oey
VPRO Tegenlicht in coproduction with IABR