George Brugmans has been the executive director of the IABR since 2004, and its president since 2014.
He chaired the Curator Team of the 5th IABR MAKING CITY (2012)and he is the Head Curator of the 9th IABR DOWN TO EARTH (2020).
He is also the president of iabr/UP, the producer of IABR's international research projects, and a member of the Advisory Board of Water as Leverage for Resilient Cities: Asia.

Before coming to the IABR, in 2004, Brugmans built up an extensive expertise as a producer in the arts and the media.
He is the founder and owner of Amago, an Amsterdam based independent film and media production company, that (co)produced films of well-known directors such as Oscar-winner Mike Figgis, Jos de Putter, Klaartje Quirijns and Rob Schröder.
He was editor-in-chief/commissioning editor at the VPRO, a Dutch public national broadcaster, where he produced over 200 documentaries, thirteen of which he also directed.
As chairman of Bergen, a Dutch film production company, he was one of the producers of Antonia’s Line – Academy Award® (Oscar®) for Best Foreign Film (1995). He (co-) wrote scenarios for feature films, including De Wisselwachter/The Pointsman (released in 1986), and De Vliegende Hollander/The Flying Dutchman (1995).
Before moving to film Brugmans had an international career in the performing arts, including being co-founder and the first director of the Springdance Festival in Utrecht (1986-1992), artistic director of the Summerfestival of Salzburg, Austria (1990-1992), and co-founder and artistic director of the Encontros Acarte Festival in Lisbon, Portugal (1987 – 1990).
He wrote the libretto of the opera Fausto (Salzburg, Austria, 1992), and he was guest curator of the Polverigi Festival (Ancona, Italy, 1989), curator of the video-exhibition Alma e Corpo (Porto, Portugal, 1993), curator of the Canada Dance Film Festival (Ottawa, Canada, 1994), guest curator at the Design Academy Eindhoven (2004),

Brugmans (an historian, schooled at the Universities of Utrecht and Florida) published internationally about cultural policy and the role of design. He was the publisher and editor of several publications, such as
Making City (2012), Urban by Nature (2014), The Metabolism of Albania (2015), The Next Economy (2016) and The Missing Link (2018).

Brugmans was a member of the Committee of Cultural Consultants of the European Commission in Brussels (1988), advisor to the Dutch Government on international cultural policy as a member of the National Art Council (2004 - 2007), and the vice-chairman of the Board of Governors of the Amsterdam Art Council (2003 - 2009).