In the context of IABR–2014–URBAN BY NATURE–, Project Atelier BrabantStad explored new development models for the Province of Brabant and formulated six development principles.
IABR–Project Atelier BrabantStad now goes on tour. From October 2014 until February 2015, the results of Project Atelier BrabantStad will be exhibited in Eindhoven, Tilburg, Helmond, ‘s-Hertogenbosch and Breda, accompanied by a public program.

More info on the website of MozaïekBrabant → (in Dutch)

Together with the province, the five largest cities, the water boards, Brabant's Architecture Centers, and with an open invitation to the public, everybody is invited to contribute to the program of ‘MozaïekBrabant’ – the next step in the development of the proposals of the IABR–Project Atelier BrabantStad.

From 9 – 31 October 2014, the results of IABR–Project Atelier BrabantStad are exhibited at the Designhuis, Stadhuisplein 3, 5611 EM Eindhoven
Organized by: Province Noord-Brabant, bkkc and Designhuis Eindhoven

From 6 – 30 November 2014, the results are exhibited at the Brabant Knowledge Center for Art and Culture (bkkc), Spoorlaan 21, 5038 CB Tilburg.
Organized by: Province Noord-Brabant and bkkc

From 5 – 31 December 2014, the results are exhibited in Groen4Life & Cacaofabriek at Cacaokade 1, 5705 LA Helmond.
Organized by: Province Noord-Brabant, bkkc, Groen4Life and Cacaofabriek

From 12 – 30 January 2015, the results are exhibited at the Sigarenfabriek Willem II, Boschveldweg 473, 5211 VK ’s-Hertogenbosch
Organized by: Province Noord-Brabant, bkkc and Sigarenfabriek

The last stop, from 5 - 28 February 2015, is at the Stadskantoor of the Municipality of Breda, Claudius Prinsenlaan 10, 4811 DJ, Breda
Organized by: Province Noord-Brabant, bkkc and Municipality of Breda