On the occasion of IABR–2014–URBAN BY NATURE–, the associations BNA, NVTL and BNSP and the City of Rotterdam organized the competition: ‘The City as an Ecosystem: Designing with Flows.’ The challenge was to make the area Blaak/Westblaak more attractive, sustainable and future-proof.
From among the submitted design ideas, a jury chaired by IABR–2014–Curator Dirk Sijmons selected three nominees. The cash prize will be awarded on 4 June. The winning design will become part of the exhibition URBAN BY NATURE–.
Speakers will include Dirk Sijmons, Paul de Ruiter, Astrid Sanson, and Jos Gadet.

The nominees are:
Weaving Flows: Towards an Adaptive City
Ingrid Ackermans, Guido Zeck, and Peter Twisk

Coop Blaak
Hannah Frederick, Mischa Woutersen, Albertine Tjeenk Willink, and Rob Brink

GFT Avenue, Vegetable and Fruit Gardens in the Center of Rotterdam
Janneska Spoelman, Merten Nefs, and Lucia Dossin

organized by: BNA Research, NVTL and BNSP

language: Dutch
for more information, please visit www.ontwerpenmetstromen.nl
free admission, please sign up via secretariaat@nvtl.nl