May, 2016
May, 2016

Metropoly #2 : Metropole Region Rotterdam The Hague

serious game about the metropolis in The Netherlands

Team Zuidelijk Perspectief

Imagine: three metropolitan regions in the Netherlands, Brainport Eindhoven, Rotterdam–The Hague-Rotterdam and Amsterdam, have their own tax area and can thus invest in the region. In three sessions, players of the serious game choose a top 30 with the aim of strengthening the knowledge-based economy of a specific region.

Following the game sessions, a public debate between the regions will take place on June 21. Which qualities attract the creatives and innovators of the world? What has a higher priority: accelerated connections between the cities or an fast train to Munich? What does the Q factor in the urban landscape do?

Metropoly: a serious game about the future of the metropolis in the Netherlands. At IABR–2016–THE NEXT ECONOMY the game will be played with invited guest who work in the private sector, the knowledge economy, innovative manufacturing industry, research institutions and cultural institutions.

You can follow Metropoly on Twitter: @MetropolyEU