May, 2016
May, 2016

Week of Globally Networked Urbanism

MVO Nederland + Urban Futures Studio University of Utrecht + IABR

The Globally Networked Urbanism Workshop, from May 10 - 12, is a substantive collaboration between IABR, Urban Futures Studio of the University of Utrecht and TwentyOne (the urban initiative of CSR Netherlands). With this collaboration, the three organisations aim to offer continuity, learning and embeddedness to the cases that will feature in the biennale.

Cases and agents of change
Globally, there are many experiments where cities try and position themselves in light of imagined ‘next economy’ futures. Cases in which new value models are (co)created, technological, spatial and social innovations smartly connected, new financial rules developed and the roles of public and private partners are being reassessed.

Agents of change play a key role in catalyzing system innovations that contribute to a new urbanism. In this workshop, they analyze jointly and in dialogue with others, their results and strategy. They exchange how their projects can be scaled and what they need to fulfill their role more effectively.

During this three day workshop we want to gain more insight into the ‘how’ of urban transformation, specifically focusing on the question how to catalyze system change and conduce this from a perspective of policy makers, finance and legislation.

For this purpose selected agents of change from twelve international cities are invited to present their initiatives and address three main questions, together and with others.

Invited participants
Anke Wetzel – Holzmarkt (Berlin, Germany)
Nicholas Buchoud - The Grand Paris Alliance and Renaissance Urbaine (Paris, France)
Gert Vandermosten – StadsLab 2050 (Antwerp, Belgium)
Michael Uwemedimo – CMAP, The Human City Project (Port Harcourt, Nigeria)
Mark Swilling – iShack (Stellenbosch, South Africa)
Yang Lei - Digua Community (Beijing, China)
Gertrude Rose- Uganda Local Government Association (Kampala, Uganda)
Pedro Henrique Fernandes de Cristo – RioLab (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)
Tita Larasati – Bandung Creative City Platform (Bandung, Indonesia)
Christian E. Steinbarth – Social Enterprise Special Economic Zone (Monrovia, Liberia)
Zahira Asmal – The City Agency (South Africa)
Jeanne van Heeswijk – Afrikaanderwijk Cooperatie (Rotterdam, The Netherlands)
Steven Delva – Cooperatie Buiksloterham (Amsterdam, The Netherlands)
Eduard Ravenhorst en Liesbeth Boeter – Jeruzalem (Amsterdam, the Netherlands)
Eef Spronck, Attie Kuiken Rene Schalk– Samenleven (Rivierenland - The Netherlands)
Wietse van de Werf en Marte Kappert – Marconia (Rotterdam Harbour – the Netherlands)
Edgar Pieterse – African Centre for Cities (Cape Town, South-Africa)

Delegates from the public and financial sector and civil society are invited to join.

By invitation only