Ongoing dialogue with local and regional stakeholders about the promising prospects the energy transition offers is high on the list of the agenda of IABR–Atelier Groningen. Therefore the outcomes and proposals are not only exhibited at IABR–2016–THE NEXT ECONOMY in Rotterdam, but also at different locations in Groningen.

From mid May to July 2016, after a first debate about the outcomes of the Atelier at IABR–2016, The Nordic City travels first to Onderdendam (opening on 16 May) and then to Loppersum (opening on 30 May), Warffum (opening on 6 June), Appingendam (opening on 13 June), Groningen ( Transfuture Festival Entrance, opening on 20 June), at Delfsail (opening on 29 June) and back to the City of Groningen after the Summer (12 - 30 September).

For updates and more information you may want to check this website again or contact Gerhard te Rijdt at the Province of Groningen.

Nordic City on tour