Fenixloods II

picture: Kim Bouvry

On Saturday 23 April, at exactly 12:00 hours, IABR–2016 will open its doors to the public in the former warehouse Fenixloods II in Rotterdam’s Katendrecht district.

The opening of the exhibition marks the start of WHAT’S NEXT?: ten weeks of discussion and exchange, lectures, workshops and conferences exploring the city of tomorrow, right in the heart of the exhibition.

On 23 April, we will begin with three panel discussions revolving around the main themes of IABR–2016–THE NEXT ECONOMY: the healthy and socially inclusive city, the productive city and the sustainable green city. On Sunday 24 April the first Next Salon will take place. And all through the weekend, a continuous program of presentations by participants and distinguished guests of IABR–2016 will take place in the workshop spaces build into the exhibition.

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