What would the new businessmodel for creating multiple wealth look like? And what would that imply for the 'spreadsheet'?
In a closed meeting organized by Nederlandwordtanders, a diverse group of speakers will speculate about The Next Spreadsheet. Presenting their thoughts and ideas are, among others, Herman Hertzberger, Taco van Hoek, Rudy Stroink, Elies Koot, Marthijn Pool, Reimar von Meding, Jaap Jan Verboom and Floris Alkemade.

Time: 5 - 7 p.m.
Location: Fenixloods II, Paul Nijghkade 19, Rotterdam
Language: Dutch
Admission fee: none, provided you can produce a valid exhibition ticket.

To register as participant please send an email to info@nederlandwordtanders.nl by June 2 (limited capacity)

More info: www.nederlandwordtanders.nl