This is a closed work session with stakeholders.

IABR and the initiaors of the Rotterdam Makers District, city and port of Rotterdam, see the Merwe-Vierhavens area (M4H) and surrounding neighbourhoods as an ideal area to explore the future, hands on. On the Test Site M4H+ the energy transition and social issues inevitably link up with challenges in the fields of circular economy, the (small) manufacturing industry, and food and water management.

Rescued from the rubble: the material bank as a missing link?

In the coming years, the build environment of the Merwe-Vierhavens area and Bospolder-Tussendijk will undergo a deep transformation. Can we seize the opportunity and reduce the volumes of rubble that urban renewal will bring, by re-using the residual flows produced by the construction sector?

The Material Bank as the Missing Link?

Image: Team1010

Several start-ups in M4H are already exploring the possibilities of this kind of re-use. Buurman offers reused wood to neighboring makers, other start-ups that give the materials a second life. BouwAkademie develops knowledge on how to improve the efficiency of deconstructing buildings.
How can these and other initiatives reach the next level and become common practice instead of niche businesses? What do these actors need in terms of shared facilities to stay in business or to enlarge their experiments in circularity?
On Friday June 22nd, Team1010 will take the stakeholders on a scavenger hunt by bike through the M4H area, searching for the different steps in the deconstruction chain, followed by a stakeholder work session.

On four Friday afternoons in June, Test Site M4H+ spotlights four flows: ENERGY (June 8, as part of the conference The Energy Transition as a Lever of Resilient Cities), AGRI-FOOD (June 15), BUILDING MATERIALS (June 22) and TEXTILES (29 June). The working session for stakeholders generates input for the further development of guiding principles and pilot projects for the future development of M4H+.

location: HAKA Building
date: June 22
tijd: 10:30 am - 3.30 pm
language: Dutch