Jul, 2018
14:00 - 17:30
Jul, 2018
14:00 - 17:30

The Dutch Peatlands

Talking peat

H+N+S Landscape Architects
The peat regions, 8 percent of the Netherland’s land area, are ‘a breathing landscape’ that form the Netherlands’ carbon and water buffer. Soil subsidence in the peatlands has now become a hot topic.
The Dutch Peatlands

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Many of the challenges our society faces manifest themselves here too: unremitting dehydration causes high CO2 emissions, the future of agriculture is uncertain because of the ongoing subsidence, the use of it causes climate changes and suffers from it due to its low altitude. In these regions, the energy transition is both a threat and an opportunity. As a result, many parties are actively engaged in researching the problem, conducting experiments and drawing up strategies for the future.

Talking Peat
In this meeting, short presentations provide insight into the ‘state of the peatlands’ and the projects, practices, and initiatives involved. Via a prelude, a revue, and a roundtable discussion, we will move from shared insights to a shared vision. The goal of the meeting is to explore what is happening, whether a platform for exchange of ideas would be a good idea, and what the role of spatial planning is in the complex set of problems with their characteristic regional differences.

Delta Atelier: Healthy Agriculture
Peatlands in The Netherlands, an initiative by H+N+S, CLM, Commonland and Stichting ARK, is one of the pratices that participate in the Delta Atelier. Together with other practices from The Netherlands and Belgium, they will work on developing concrete prospects for action for our delta. The outcome of 'Talking Peat' is an important building block in the trajectory.

location: HAKA Building
date: July 3
time: 2 - 5:30 pm

language: Dutch