Due to unforeseen circumstances, this scene change will take place at a later time

Part of the main exhibition of this biennale is the Wunderkammer, which shows the visual language of increased sustainability. It offers a kaleidoscopic overview of the impressive way that so much is already being done, in countless areas, by a large number of highly motivated people.

Visual artists Caroline Ruijgrok and Wouter Klein Velderman designed the scenography of the Wunderkammer, which emphasizes contrast and multiplicity. That is why the collection of objects, entitled TURNAROUNDABOUT, will be rearranged several times during the exhibition.

The Wunderkammer

picture: Aad Hoogendoorn

The spatial transitions will take place every Saturday, in the presence of the visitors. To spotlight different aspects of the collection, Ruijgrok and Klein Velderman will rearrange the contents of the Wunderkammer in a concentrated sequence of pre-directed interventions. The last transition will take place on Saturday June 30, from Particle Packing to Into The Mountains.

location: HAKA Building
date: June 30
continuously from 11 am