changes to our operations

As the novel coronavirus sends waves of distress across the world, many of you have asked how we plan to continue to produce our ateliers and the biennale program itself.

Like many other organizations, and especially because we work in an international and indeterminate setting, we are making changes to our operations.

First and most importantly, I’ve asked our team to work from home. Public health experts are telling us that social distancing saves lives, and we must listen to that, even if it requires radical readjustments to our daily routines.
You can, of course, still reach us by mail or phone.

At the same time, this moment presents us with a serious challenge, one unlike any other we've ever faced before. The question whether to adjust or even rethink IABR–2020–DOWN TO EARTH in terms of planning, approach and perspective, will be high on our agenda in the coming weeks.

We will keep you posted, but not unnecessarily – we're only a biennale, right now there are other priorities.

With best wishes for your health and safety,

George Brugmans
president IABR