The past couple of months have been a difficult time, in which the corona crisis swept over everyone and everywhere. The IABR took the time to map out the consequences of Covid-19 and to search for the best way to continue to achieve its goals.
How can we adjust intelligently and regroup in such a way that we are not only giving something up, which is inevitable, but are taking the next steps forward at the same time?

We rescheduled the biennale and also decided not to try to solve our problem by simply postponing. There are and will be too many uncertain factors for that, and it is financially unfeasible.
In times of corona, furthermore, the traditional biennale model that culminates in the concentrated presentation of a full program that draws as many people as possible in a short time is not an option. And, against the background of the climate crisis, it might never be again.

Rather than organize a major exhibition and a temporally concentrated program, we will therefore spread our activities over an extended period, from mid-September 2020 to June 2021. This will also allow us the time to experiment with our new exhibition space, the Keilezaal, and to work on the corona protocol we have to develop.
We are getting off to a ‘light’ start, gradually exploring what we can and cannot do, and will incrementally roll out IABR–DOWN TO EARTH. The question the new program is set up to explore is: Where can we land? How can we find our way back down to earth, and live in harmony with nature? This allows us to develop our substantive approach step by step, to identify and process insights gained during the corona crisis and to focus even more on the core questions that DOWN TO EARTH intends to ask.

More news here in August. For now, enjoy your summer, and make sure to stay healthy and safe!