Since its first edition, in 2003, the IABR has developed into an important international platform that presents the state of the art in architecture, specifically in urbanism and urban design.

The IABR has a two-tier board: a Supervisory Board and an Executive Board. The Supervisory Board provides a monitory role and grants the Executive Board, specially its President, the authority to run the organization. The role of the President is to envision, design, develop and implement strategic plans in a cost-effective and time-efficient manner. His role involves decisions about policy and strategy, conceiving and leading the Ateliers, as well as the responsibility for all fund raising and the day-to-day operation of the organization.

The IABR abides by the Code Cultural Governance.

Every two years, after a recommendation of the Executive Board and consultation of the Supervisory Board, the President appoints a Curator, or a team of Curators. The Curator conducts research to substantiate and expand on the brief and theme as put forward by the Board in order to present concrete plans for the main exhibition and the public program of the Biennale. The Curator subsequently shepherds the organization towards the realization of the plans.