Making a Sustainable City: The Arnavutköy Approach
Asu Aksoy, Gülnur Kadayifçi, Hülya Yalçin (ed)

2012, Arnavutköy Belediyesi, Istanbul

160 pages
english / turkish
softcover / full color

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Sürdürülebilir Kent Yapmak: Arnavutköy Ilçesi Yaklaşimi –Making a Sustanable City: The Arnavutköy Approach– presents the outcome of the IABR–Atelier Istanbul, a collaborative project of the municipality of Arnavutköy and IABR. The Atelier searched for an answer to achieving balanced urban growth, whereby Arnavutköy's, and therefore Istanbul's natural assets may be protected.
Atelier Istanbul brought international design offices and Turkish experts together with all local stakeholders in a working process –the Test Site Istanbul– with the goal to develop a strategic vision and an action plan for the area. The results were exhibited at the IABR in Rotterdam and at the Design Biennale in Istanbul.
Making a Sustainable City is introduced by Ahmet Haşimi Baltaci, and contributors are Asu Aksoy, George Brugmans, James Crow, Arzu Kocabaş, Yeşim Kartaler, Oya Ayman, Uygar Özesmi, Hülya Yalçin, Gülnur Kadayifçi, and the design offices 51N4E, H+N+S Landscape Architects and Architecture Workroom Brussels.