Urban by Nature

catalog IABR–2014

iabr–2014–urban by nature
George Brugmans, Jolanda Strien (ed)

2014, IABR, Rotterdam

design: Lust

ISBN 978-90-809572-6-8
269 pages
paperback / full color

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6th International Architecture Biennale Rotterdam
29 May – 24 August 2014

IABR–2014–URBAN BY NATURE, curated by landscape architect Dirk Sijmons, claims that we can only resolve the world’s environmental problems if we solve the problems of the city. Looking through the lens of landscape architecture, IABR–2014 redefines the way we deal with urban challenges by analyzing the relationship between urban society and nature, and between city and landscape. This 6th edition of the biennale argues that, perhaps now more than ever, the city is an integral part of one huge urban landscape, a complex system that has become our natural environment. This point of departure has many implications for the way we plan and design our urban environment and it opens up possibilities to develop spatial interventions that make use of its metabolism. Applying new strategies that effectively address the city as the larger urban landscape that it is, we can make the city more resilient and thus truly contribute to a more sustainable future world.

The catalog contains a detailed description of the main exhibition URBAN BY NATURE, designed by Event Architecture and Experimental Jetset, in the Kunsthal Rotterdam, and all of the projects that are part of it.

Dirk Sijmons contributes an introduction to the theme and introduces the different sections of the exhibition. The work process and results of the three IABR–Project Ateliers are highlighted. Other contributions are by Ahmed Aboutaleb, Yves de Boer, George Brugmans, Johan van de Gronden, Maarten Hajer, Eric Hercules, Henk Ovink, Jelle Reumer, Piet Vollaard and Charles Waldheim.
The catalog also contains information on all of the conferences, lectures and other activities that take place under the umbrella of IABR−2014.