Designing the Future
Joeri De Bruyn, Michiel Dehaene, Julie Mabilde, Els Vervloesem

2018, AWB, Brussels

design: Specht Studio

160 pages
softcover / full color

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Designing the Future
Today, various global challenges manifest themselves as complex spatial issues. Design appears to be a powerful medium to visualize, shape and, if necessary, adjust the necessary change processes. This book bundles the insights that resulted from a series of round table discussions and lectures that the initiators have devoted to the themes of mobility, care, living, the productive city, open space, water and the urban metabolism, from December 2016 to February 2017, under the heading 'Designing the Future'. A very diverse group of administrators, academics, designers, leaders of civil society organisations and cooperatives, project developers, activists, (social) entrepreneurs, consultants, students and investors from both Belgium and the Netherlands, joined the debate, exploring a shared agenda to shape a better future.

Designing the Future is an initiative of Architecture Workroom Brussels, the Atelier of the Flemish Government Architect, the Flemish Association for Space and Planning, the Public Waste Agency of Flanders and the International Architecture Biennale Rotterdam.