IABR–2018+2020–The Missing Link

catalog 8th edition IABR (2018)

George Brugmans (ed)

2018, IABR, Rotterdam

design: Studio De Ronners

ISBN: 978-90-825137-2-1

124 pages
english / dutch
paperback / full color

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8th International Architecture Biennale Rotterdam

1 June – 8 July 2018

There is a direct connection between the future of the city, the subject of the IABR since its founding, and the key challenges of our time, climate change
and rapidly growing social inequality. And as these challenges quickly become more urgent, the position of the IABR becomes increasingly firm and
What then can the IABR, small player in a huge force field, actually do?
The tools that it has are the power of imagination and the ability of designers to show us what we can want. Nothing more – but nothing less, either.
For such an endeavor to be effective, an environment in which good plans can be turned into concrete projects is vital. It is already happening, but with difficulty and not nearly often enough. There is a missing link. In every respect, and everywhere. That is why, in the next three years, the IABR will fully focus on finding that missing link, on bridging the gap between innovative design and sustainable realization. To start with in the Delta of the Low Countries, with research and Ateliers taking place in the Netherlands and Belgium, and with exhibitions and programs in Rotterdam and
IABR–2018+2020–THE MISSING LINK: one program, two biennales, in two countries.

This bilingual catalog starts with a general introduction, the Curator Statement and the Research Agenda 2018-2020, followed by introductions to the IABR–Ateliers, the Delta Atelier, the main exhibition and the program in Rotterdam and the exhibition in Brussels.

With contributions by Floris Alkemade, Leo Van Broeck, George Brugmans, Joachim Declerck, et al.
Edited by George Brugmans