Planet Texel: Draaiboek voor een schone toekomst
Pepijn Godefroy, Jurgen van der Ploeg, Marieke Timmermans (ed)

2015, Gemeente Texel and IABR, Rotterdam

design: la4sale

366 pages
paperback / full color

€ 15,- plus postage and all transfer costs.
The book is only available in Dutch. When you'd like to order a copy, please contact Pieter de Vries at the Municpality of Texel.

A very richly illustrated book, Planet Texel: Draaiboek voor een Schone Toekomst (Planet Texel: A Scenario for a Green Future) presents the Texel Principles, the Texel Toolbox and a series of Outlooks. Quite literally a scenario for the future of the island of Texel, the book is based on the research by design and the results of the IABR–Atelier Planet Texel as developed for and exhibited at IABR–2014–URBAN BY NATURE.

For a period of eighteen months, islanders, entrepreneurs, community organizations, several municipal departments, City Council and Board actively participated in the IABR–Atelier Planet Texel, giving their input, discussing the results and working together with the designers and experts that the IABR brought to Texel.
This has resulted in a vision for Texel embraced by all stakeholders. The visualization of a sustainable future that the design offices FARO and la4sale offer, and which the islanders can gradually work towards, offers a productive framework for current plans and projects. The so-called Texel Principles provide clear guidelines for action and suggest tools to make abstract concepts such as 'quality' tangible. And the proposals for pilot projects in De Koog, Nieuweschild and Polder Waal en Burg not only demonstrate the effects of the vision in specific locations but they can also be implemented immediately.
Therefore, after the research by design trajectory and the presentation of the plans and proposals in the main exhibition of the Biennale, the ball was in the City Council’s court. The unanimous decision reached on December 17 implies that implementation of the plans developed by the Atelier can now indeed begin. And with Planet Texel: Draaiboek voor een Schone Toekomst as a useful and practical guide.