Gedicht Nederland

Polders! Gedicht Nederland
Adriaan Geuze, Fred Feddes (ed)

2005, NAi Uitgevers - IABR, Rotterdam

design: Opera Ontwerpers

ISBN: 90-5662-444
400 pages
hardcover / full color

sold out

Polders! was published at the occasion of the second International Architecture Biennale Rotterdam, 2005, with the theme 'The Flood".
It is a unique inventory of the almost four thousand polders in the Netherlands, carefully mapped by the design office MUST and richly illustrated with many highlights of Dutch painting, poetry and photography.

With an introduction by Adriaan Geuze and Fred Feddes, and contributions by Ed Taverne, Willy van der Most, Steven van Schuppen, Alfred van Hall and Adriaan Geuze.