published by iabr/UP

Albania should be considered a potentially rich country in terms of human capital and natural resources. How can Albania activate its potential and kick-start a development strategy on the basis of the unique characteristics, cultural values, and scenic qualities of the country itself? And how can it learn from other countries and leapfrog to a sustainable development model?
These questions triggered the research by design project The Metabolism of Albania – conducted by iabr/UP, 51N4E and AKPT under the umbrella of Atelier Albania and with the engagement of a coalition of Albanian, Dutch and Belgian partners: the Albanian Ministry of Urban Development and other ministries, the PBL Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency, the TU Delft Chair of Landscape Architecture, .FABRIC, 51N4E and IABR. The results have been presented to the Albanian Prime Minister and members of the cabinet and are currently being put into practice by the Albanian government.

In this session, the book and main results will be presented. With among others George Brugmans (IABR), Dirk Sijmons (HNS Landscape Architects), Adelina Greca (director AKPT), Joni Baboci (Head of Planning Tirana), Freek Persyn (51N4E) and Marieke Francke (iabr/UP)